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Who We Are

Veterans-365 provides a Peer-To-Peer Healing Adventure to veterans and first responders in a very peaceful, stress-free ocean environment where they can share resources, restore lost camaraderie, and provide a cost-free fishing and camping experience among many other programs. We also include the family in our programs since the family plays a large roll in the healing process.

Our Mission

  Veterans-365 is dedicated to impacting the lives of Veterans who suffer from any combat related injuries or disorders through year-round fishing and beach related alternative healing recreational activities. Through a program we developed called "Spreading the Saltwater Gospel", these life-changing opportunities encourage participants to push personal boundaries, learn new skills that can be passed on to future generations, and achieve individual and team objectives. 

Most importantly, we hope to provide an environment in which participants can find a sense of camaraderie, and create team building activities that contribute to a meaningful and rewarding experience Veterans can carry into their everyday lives. 

Our Vision

It is our goal to become the nation’s premier Veteran’s charitable organization. We are sure that when Veterans learn how successful we are with our alternative healing methods, our programs and events will take the country by storm. It is the vision of Veterans-365 to one day very soon, end veteran homelessness. PTSD, TBI, depression, anxiety disorders, and Veteran suicide will no longer be a concern. As the nation’s premier non-profit organization, Veterans-365 envisions a community where all veterans can re-establish themselves with their communities, re-connect with their family and friends, and just simply heal. It is our true belief that the Spreading the Saltwater Gospel Program will do just that.

Vetfest Tickets

Just 48 days unti


Developed by a group of friends comprised of both veterans and civilians, Third Coast Vetfest is committed to honoring the veteran and first responder communities through wholesome family entertainment. 


We want Veterans-365 to be the Non-Profit Veterans Charitable organization for the 21st century, promoting  Faith, Family, Patriotism, Unity, and Strength.

The Veteran

  Veterans who have served in a branch of the United States armed forces during Operation enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Korea and Vietnam are welcome to participate in the Spreading the Saltwater Gospel Program. 

The Veteran understands that these activities are not about a trophy catch but instead provide an opportunity to get next to Mother Ocean and enjoy her natural healing effects with other Veterans through a Peer-to-Peer Healing, and Camaraderie Building Adventure.   

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