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"Easing the Transition from Military to Civilian Life"

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Life after the military can pose many challenges to veterans, family members, and the communities where they decide to settle in. For some, returning to civilian life may feel like another battle that poses a variety of challenges that must not only be fought, but also understood and accepted in order to be successfully overcome. There are many factors involved in a veteran’s readjustment to civilian life, some of which include:

·  Understanding and abiding by civilian legal standards that may be different from military standards.

·  Coexisting with cultures, values, and norms different from those of the military.

·  Dealing with authority figures inconsistent with authority figures in the military.

·  Re-establishing and even re-evaluating relationships with family and friends.

·  Finding a new career path.

·  Pursuing college/university education.

·  Locating a new home.

Other factors of readjustment may even be a bit more complex. They may even be so complex for the individual veteran, that they prevent a progressive and positive readjustment towards a bright future, which could, and probably would, lead to much deeper issues including isolation, depression, and suicide. Depending on the individual veteran and whether or not he/she has the benefit of a positive support system, these intrinsic matters can be crucial to his/her overall transition and successful development. Such issues of concern include:

· Veteran’s relationship with him/herself, their sense of  identity, purpose, and self-worth.

·  Reassessment of life goals and ambitions, followed by setting and achieving personal/professional goals.

·  Coping with “starting over” in society.  No longer holding the respect and authority afforded by a particular rank and/or billet, ultimately being regarded as “Joe Smith” versus “Sergeant Smith, the Platoon Sergeant.”

It is therefore imperative that veterans, family members, and communities work alongside one another for the overall long-term benefit of both the Veteran and the communities they return to. Gaining an understanding of issues pertaining to a veteran’s transition is important not only for the veteran but also the family and the community as well. Veterans-365 was established to provide programs and events that support those veterans transitioning from active duty to civilian life. Services range from interacting in our various events and programs with other members of the community, to providing the Veteran resources for further, more in-depth help.


Our Mission

The mission of Veterans-365 is two-fold:

1. To honor, empower, and provide recreational adventures, activities, and events for our Veteran brothers and sisters as well as first responders.

2. To produce the finest quality outdoor adventures and activities, events, programs, rallies, and socials possible to benefit Veteran service members, and to inform, assist, and engage the members of our communities in the effort of providing the best quality of life possible for those who have served.

Here is a list of some of the Adventures, Activities, and Events We Produce:

Guided/Non-Guided Fishing, Hunting, Hiking  Trips


Horseback Riding/Trail Rides

Jeep Runs

Motorcycle Runs

Bicycling Trips

Water Sports

and More



Easing the Burden of Transitioning on our Veterans from Military to Civilian Life By Developing a Renewed Purpose and Passion Through Our Adventures, Activities, and Events

Veterans-365 is a Veterans Outdoor Adventure Organization producing the finest quality adventures and activities all for the purpose of getting our veterans outdoors where Mother Nature can produce her natural healing miracles and give the Veterans a chance at healing naturally. We are veteran owned and operated in La Porte, Texas and put priority into hiring and training veterans. We support our communities and serve our heroes who sacrificed so much for our great nation through the adventures, activities, events, programs, rallies, and socials we produce. Through our networking channels we have established, we provide training, and resources to educate and assist our Veterans from all eras of military service and do our best at providing a workplace and adventures built on purpose, unity, camaraderie, honor, and dedication, all traits that our veterans have developed and have become accustomed to as members of the world’s finest military.


Life Healing Outdoor Adventures
Mental and Emotional Healing
Build Relationships
Reconnects Families
Adaptive Activities
Safe Harbor
Relaxing Atmosphere

Veterans-365 is a 501(c)(3) Veterans Charitable Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing our participants with discounted or All-Inclusive Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking, and Camping Adventures throughout Texas. Other activities include: Jeep Runs, Horseback riding/Trail Rides, Motorcycle Runs, and many others.  

Veterans-365, Inc.

Texas Secretary of State File # 804259346

EIN 87-2952924


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