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Spreading the Saltwater Gospel

A Simple Way Back

What is the Saltwater Gospel? It is the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. It’s the smell of the salt air, the feel of the waves as they gently caress your body like a mother caresses her child. Its looking out over the vastness of the ocean then realizing just how small we are compared to the world on and under the sea. The Saltwater Gospel takes in every one of your senses all at one time. Listening to the call of Mother Ocean, then answering her call. That’s what the Saltwater Gospel is. Once you hear it, smell it, taste it, feel it, allow it to completely engulf your every sense, it becomes a religion to you.

Spreading the Saltwater Gospel is a way of sharing our experience, our strengths, and hopes we give veterans and all our program participants a new and vital mission where they can recuperate, recreate, and reintegrate into their communities. We believe that the ocean provides miraculous healing powers and by assisting veterans through the realm of the sea, we are able to support their journey, integrating mind, body and spirit.

The ocean holds many mysteries, with its most powerful mysteries being its incredible ability for healing. This program is not anything like the normal institutional programs you may or may not be familiar with. There are no doctors or medical staff trying to constantly cram a variety of drugs down your throat. This is not meant to be a “Religious” experience, there are no preachers or ministers here trying to preach biblical gospel. There are no therapists to sit across from to have them analyze you. What this program offers is an opportunity for veterans to be with other veterans and let the healing power of the ocean work on you.

You are participating in this program for one purpose, to re-establish yourselves with your communities, re-connect with your friends and family (including those here participating in the program), and most importantly, you are here to have fun and find healing. The only requirements for participation in the “Spreading the Saltwater Gospel” Program is for you to have a clear and open mind, focusing on the tasks at hand, fishing, beach recreational activities, and the evening campfire discussion group. Remember, we are all students of the Saltwater Gospel, we are not teachers or administrators. The participants here today are all experiencing, in one way or another, the same issues you are facing, so what better way to find healing than to talk with those that have been there and done that. You learn and grow from each other’s experiences. On top of all this, you are learning and developing a skill you can pass on to future generations, and you are making some long-lasting friendships.

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